yet another personal site on the web

Welcome. My name is David Foster and I live in Southern California. First off, if you're looking for information about what I do for a living, please visit my entry on IMDB a repository of lots of useful information about those involved in the film and television industry (or useless information, depending on your feelings about the industry). Being a television editor for over 40 years, I've worked on some cool and some not so cool stuff. See for yourself. Or not. You can download a PDF of my current resume' here.

That said, I have two main interests to share. One is hiking and backpacking. Through the years, I've hiked and packed quite a bit (although not as much I would have liked) in places like the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, the desert areas of California from Death Valley to Anza-Borrego and points in-between, a little bit in the Cascade Range in both Oregon and Washington, and my personal favorite, the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Of course, I've also hiked in my own backyard, The Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests. Here, you can read about some of these adventures and see a few pictures.

The other interest I have to share is an ongoing genealogy project that grows in fits and starts. It all began when I found a manuscript from the 1920's stashed on a shelf in my parents home in Glendale, California. Yup, that's where I grew up. The manuscript traced my father's family line back to the 1700's, when our particular branch of the Foster surname came to the United States. It was here I found out that Stephen Collins Foster, a well-known nineteenth century composer, was a cousin of mine, four times removed. This grabbed my interest and has held pretty tight for years now. I've done lots of research, had interviews with my mother (who unfortunately crossed the great divide in July of 2008), and through the web, have had information given to me by previously unknown relatives. I've posted the basics here, and have hopes to greatly expand it as I get the time. Don't hold your breath though, as I don't see any great chunk of time on the immediate horizon, hence the fits and starts I mentioned above. If, after browsing through my genealogy section, you have anything to add or correct, please e-mail me. There's a contact link below.

Thanks for visiting and check back every few months to see if I've added anything that may be of interest. Enjoy.