yet another personal site on the web

For a long time now, I thought it would be interesting to have a place where friends and family could go to read about and see images from some of the places I've hiked or backpacked. So here it is. Feel free to be bored if your interest in this area doesn't match mine. Selecting a region from the list at the right expands into one or more hikes done in each. Choosing a hike from the list presented will take you to journals or trail notes and in some cases, photographs. Far from being an extreme hiker, I find that it's not the ruggedness of an outing that counts, but the quality of the experience. Like most people, the amount of time each year I'm able to devote to hiking is at a premium, and as I age, this is becoming increasingly so. This forces me to chose and plan carefully. Each time I try to come out alive, and with more than I went in with, except, of course, broken bones, sunburn, blisters, cuts and bruises, etc.